A liquid silicate impregnant for reinforcing concrete surfaces

A liquid, aqueous silicate based impregnant with increased amount of solids to harden the surface of fresh and existing concrete. After application, the concrete structure penetrates, where as a result of a chemical reaction, the pores in the near-surface concrete zone are filled gradually.

Silicate for impregnation of concrete

FORSIL is a silicate for impregnating concrete and curing the surface of fresh and existing concrete. After application, the coating penetrates deeply into the concrete structure. With the chemical reaction gradually taking place with the filling of the pores in the concrete surface.

The preparation based on sodium silicates, used to strengthen, seal and protect against dusting new and existing floors and concrete surfaces. Increases the resistance of concrete to frost and the action of chemical substances. Keeping concrete floors clean is easier because ForSil reduces dirt penetration and deposition on the surface of tire tracks. As a result of exploitation, there appears a durable, satin gloss resulting from chemical reactions occurring in the near-surface zone of the floor caused by the ForSil silicate impregnate.

ForSil is recommended for use on floors with medium and large movement of forklifts in warehouses, distribution centers, textile factories. Also for packaging, food production plants, breweries, multi-level garages, car parks, etc. It is recommended to use it also in places exposed to intense pedestrian traffic such as: stadiums, hospitals, airports, sports facilities, museums, schools, shops and on floors. Everywhere it is possible to contact with medium aggressive chemical substances. For example: parking aprons, food silos, dairies, surfaces exposed to sewage, fish processing plants , refineries, water treatment plants.

Właściwości produktu


  • increases resistance to abrasion,
  • increases the resistance to frost and the effect of chemical substances,
  • protects the surface from dust,
  • reduces the absorption of water and oils,
  • colorless, odorless, solvent-free,
  • provides permeability,
  • improves the aesthetics of the floor (satin gloss as a result of exploitation),
  • easy to apply

Do pobrania FORSIL

Gęstość ca.

1,13 g / cm ³

Zużycie w zależności od chłonności

0.10-0.25 kg/m2

Ilość warstw


Temperatura stosowania

od +5 ° C do +30 ° C

Wzrost odporności na ścieranie w porównaniu do betonu kontrolnego


Zwiększenie wytrzymałości na ściskanie


Czas schnięcia w temperaturze +20 ° C i wilgotności względnej 50%


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