Silicone hydrophobic impregnation

KEMAFOB – Clear silicone waterproofing impregnate for mineral substrates – water repellent effect. For the impregnation and priming of all mineral surfaces, such as concrete, mineral plasters, tiles, brick, aerated concrete, silicate brick, natural and artificial stone, facades painted with mineral paints, etc. KEMAFOB penetrates to a depth of 3-4 mm, where it causes the effect of hydrophobization (repulsion) water). The greater the absorption capacity of the surface, the more durable the impregnation is. Impregnation must be regularly renewed. KEMAFOB is not intended for sealing cracks on the surface. Depending on the type of substrate, the impregnated surface may show a slight matt effect.

Właściwości produktu


  • Solvent based
  • It does not cause efflorescence
  • Prevents damage to concrete caused by salt and frost
  • It is colorless, permeable to water vapor and waterproof
  • Suitable as a substrate for all coatings
  • It has an oil scent
  • Excellent durability due to the extremely strong bond to the mineral substrate
  • Facilitates cleaning the substrate and inhibits the growth of microorganisms
  • Min. 2 layers »wet to wet«
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practically insoluble

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