Polymer based impregnate, solvent-free, wax-free, environmentally friendly

To protect fresh concrete from intensive drying and the creation of scratches and cracks. The surface of fresh concrete should be protected as soon as possible by spraying the impregnation. FORCURE EKO does not reduce the adhesion of subsequent layers that will be applied to the surface.

Acrylic impregnation of concrete surfaces

FORCURE EKO is an impregnant for polymer-based concrete, environmentally friendly, solvent-free and wax-free. It is designed for caulking and hardening of both fresh and made-up internal and external surfaces and concrete floors. Suitable for application to surface hardened surfaces as well as high-quality concretes. Polymer based impregnate – the impregnation of concrete surfaces can be used in all enclosed spaces, even in the food industry, education and healthcare.

Właściwości produktu

  • it can be used inside and outside buildings
  • ecological product, does not contain solvents
  • suitable for application on the surfaces of fresh and existing concrete
  • reduces evaporation of moisture from concrete
  • the impregnation of concrete surfaces is easy to apply
  • protection of surfaces against dusting
  • increases resistance to penetration of oil and water
  • increases the strength of concrete surfaces
  • it improves aesthetics, gives gloss

Do pobrania FORCURE EKO

Gęstość ca.

1,0 g / cm ³

Ilość warstw



0,1-0,2 litre/m2

Temperatura stosowania

+5 ° C do +30 ° C




20 ° C

Produkty powiązane

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