Concrete impregnate, solvent-based acrylic resin

Solvent dispersion of acrylic resin. The product (Concrete impregnate resin) is used for impregnating, sealing and reinforcing newly made concrete outdoor floors: maneuvering yards, parking and roads. FORCURE is also intended for impregnation of old concrete floors in order to strengthen and provide tightness. It is suitable for both surface hardened and high-quality concrete.

Acrylic impregnate for concrete floors – solvent-based acrylic resin

FORCURE is a concrete impregnate and its base is a solvent-based acrylic resin. It is designed for caulking and hardening of both fresh and made-up internal and external surfaces and concrete floors. FORCURE is also used for impregnating old concrete substrates in order to strengthen them and increase the tightness. It is suitable for both surface hardened surfaces and high-quality concretes. An additional effect after its application is gloss and increased color intensity, which mainly applies to colored concrete.

Właściwości produktu
  • it can be used inside and outside buildings
  • increases the color intensity, especially for colored concrete
  • suitable for application on the surfaces of fresh and existing concrete
  • high resistance to UV radiation
  • reduces evaporation of moisture from concrete
  • easy to apply
  • protection of surfaces against dusting
  • increases resistance to penetration of oil and water
  • increases the strength of concrete surfaces
  • it improves aesthetics, gives gloss


Do pobrania FORCURE

Gęstość ca.

0,9 g/cm³

Zmniejszenie strat wilgoci w stosunku do betonu kontrolnego



0,1-0,2 litra/m2

Temperatura stosowania

od +5°C do +30°C

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