Polish manufacturer of construction chemicals
The FORMATIQ company is a Polish manufacturer of construction chemicals and its distributor as well as an official partner of the German company KORODUR and the Slovenian company KEMA. We offer industrial and decorative floor systems as well as mineral waterproofing systems and quick repairs and reprofiling of concrete and reinforced concrete structures. Our proposal fully meets the needs of specialist companies operating in these industries. We also run our business outside of Poland – in Russia and the Czech Republic – contact TU.

The main advantage of using our products is:

high quality,
ease of application,
a large list of references,
Polish and European certifications,
good price.

We offer the following systems and materials:

dry sprinkles and curing layers, wet to wet and dry to dry
acrylic and silicate impregnations for caulking and reinforcing concrete surfaces
Self-leveling and micro-modern flooring
reinforced concrete reprofiling system
fast-moving concrete repair materials
mineral waterproofing materials
polyurethane dilatation system
primers and staples
metal expansion profiles
aluminum substructure system for ventilated facades.

The purpose of Formatiq is to implement new systems and technologies that meet the needs of the market. Our attention is focused on the process of creating new projects from the initial stage of the concept through project coordination, selection of appropriate materials and technologies, and supervision over the course of implementation.

Quality is very important to us. Considering the selection of partners and suppliers, we are guided primarily by the quality of products and services that are certified by certificates issued by external audit firms. All our products have the CE mark (ecology), which is a confirmation of care for the environment.
Through regular theoretical and practical training, we strive to provide our employees, design companies and contractors with appropriate technical knowledge. Confirmations that the requirements are met are those that are updated once a year.

Sales in FORMATIQ is a collaboration of designers, engineers and construction companies that facilitates the selection of the right solutions, systems and materials. Our offer includes technical and design technological support, also direct on construction sites.
For information on technical support in a given region, please send your contact details to the following e-mail address: info@formatiq.eu